Your REAL ID Questions Answered

Did you see a bunch of posts on Facebook last month about the REAL ID act and Washington State? Well, it turns out that our deadline for being REAL ID compliant was Oct 10, 2017 so it triggered a bunch of posts and confusing news articles about what was going on.

What is REAL ID? It is a new protocol that was implemented after 9/11 that requires state identifications to be more secure. There are many states that have already become REAL ID compliant but Washington State (and 16 others) is not one of them.

The good news is that our deadline has been extended to October 10, 2018. However, it is important for everyone to know what forms of identification will be valid at the airport. After this date, your standard WA State ID will no longer be valid — even for domestic flights! You will need at least two forms of valid identification if you continue to use the standard WA State ID.

It is your responsibility to provide the necessary documentation for travel. As your travel agency, we recommend that you either purchase a Washington State Enhanced Driver’s Licence (if you are only traveling domestically) or a Passport Book (not a card) if you are traveling internationally. 

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