Meet Our Travel Specialists

Andrea King

President / Owner & Travel Consultant






I love to travel! I believe it’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself or someone else. When I create a travel experience for you it’s as if I’m doing it for myself. Find out more here. . .

Pam Taylor

Travel Consultant






To travel is to dream. Because of this I know I have the best career in the world because I get to make dreams come true. Read more here. . .

Virginia Mackay

Travel Consultant






For me, the travel profession is just about perfect. I love to see new countries and landscapes; Learn more here. . .

Shawn van der Putten

Travel Consultant






While I have many diverse interests, travel and exploring our world really is at the top of my list. It is my personal belief that if we all traveled a little bit more, the world would be a better place. Read more here. . .



Travel Consultant




Did you k now that Travel Agents account for 1/3 of all travel revenue? I help you buy wisely, to perfectly match your travel desires. I am happy to help you with a quick hotel booking or a personalized itinerary created just for your special trip! Check out more here. . !

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