Consultation Services and Fees

Thank you for choosing Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc. to handle your travel plans. Our passion is assisting travelers with quality, high-value vacations, and to do so, we match you with an expert Travel Consultant that has dedicated her/his life to learning the travel industry. Your Consultant will create a vacation experience that is best for you based on your travel style, budget and desired experience.

We have built great partnerships with many destinations, brands, suppliers, and the like.  Some suppliers, tourism boards, etc. pay us to promote their area and brands, and some pay us for trusting them with our clients. Of course not all brands, products and services compensate us for our time and expertise. Airlines are a good example of this. However, our priority is you, the client, and providing you with the best vacation options to create your ideal trip. We pride ourselves on matching you with the best components for your trip – not pushing services that aren’t really a good match for your travel plan.

We answer the phone when you call, and promise to never leave you on hold for 3 hours, or transfer you to 5 different associates just to be told that you can’t be helped. We are here for you 24/7 and will gladly assist you should you require assistance during your travel. Our customer service is well beyond the norm.

To make sure that our clients receive the utmost service and care, we ask for a commitment from you to be prepared to book if you are requesting quotes and services from us. Our Client Registration Form and Credit Authorization Form are required to begin a working relationship with an Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc. Travel Consultant. You can also fill out our Travelers Checklist so we can start the conversation out with a list of your top wants and desires for your trip.

Domestic Travel & All-Inclusive Resort Consultation fees*:

Travel within the United States and/or all-inclusive resorts outside of the United States. Includes itinerary creation and research. Additional hourly rates apply after 1 hour per city.

  • Domestic airfare research = $35 per itinerary
  • Domestic airfare booking = $35 per ticket
  • All-Inclusive resort itinerary creation and destination research = Starts at $129
  • Domestic itinerary creation and destination research = Starts at $199
    • 1 City = $199
    • 2 Cities = $299
    • 3 Cities = $399
    • 4+ Cities = $499

International Travel Consultation Fees*:

Includes itinerary creation and research for an international trip that is up to 2 separate cities in the same country. Additional hourly charges after 3 hours of work.

  • Intl airfare research = $50 per itinerary
  • Intl airfare booking = $50 per ticket
  • Intl itinerary creation and destination research = Starts at $499

*Please note if your booking with us consists of only airfare, the research fee and booking fees are doubled.  

Other Travel Consultation Fees:

^A fee will be requested for multiple ship research and quotes, over 3 different category quotes for one area, etc. An escorted tour is a group tour with a preset itinerary that cannot be changed or modified. A fee applies if we need to research multiple tour itineraries. Additional hourly charge applies after 1 hour of work.

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