A honeymoon dream come true!

Have you ever made a purchase, specifically a large one, where you immediately felt like you made a mistake? What about that feeling of giving money to someone you don’t know and realizing that you have no idea if what you are going to get is worth what you paid? Buyer’s remorse is real. While I wish I could take that feeling away with every client, even I have client’s that question, at first, if what I am offering is “worth it”.

Nicole had this same worry. After the initial excitement of her surprise proposal, engagement pictures, parties, and all that comes along with such a joyous time, she got to work with planning her wedding and her honeymoon. Very quickly she found a great wedding planner, and felt this gave her plenty of time to research and plan her perfect dream honeymoon. On the web she went to find what? Way too much information about every destination known to man. Where to start? She was immediately overwhelmed and ready to plan the couple’s honeymoon to the same place they go every year for vacation, Hawaii.

Source: Hotel Ca’ Sagredo – Grand Canal – Rialto – Venice Italy Venezia – Creative Commons by gnuckx

Hawaii was a beautiful honeymoon destination, don’t get me wrong, but she knew she wanted something different. She just had no idea where to start, and when it comes to a destination and hotels she has never been or maybe even heard of, she was afraid to put her hard earned money towards a vacation and have it not be great.

With a few details remaining for her wedding, Nicole went to a local wedding show. I remember watching her come up to our booth with a look of excitement and stress mixed. Talking to one of my colleagues, I heard her talk about what she found so far, and how her fear caused her to do nothing. Now she is 3 months away from wedding time, with no honeymoon to look forward to afterward. I saw the stress melt from her as an expert agent spoke to her about the service offered. “So I will work with an agent that has been to the exact destination I want to go?” Her smile didn’t leave her face from that point on.

keep calm and use a travel agent

I personally worked with Nicole. After the initial conversation, getting to know Nicole and her to-be husband, it was obvious that they wanted to experience a different culture without feeling unsafe. This fact and the other great options proposed to them brought them to a decision to travel to Italy, and that so happens to be one of my specialties.

I created their perfect honeymoon. Keeping them in the loop, and knowing they were too busy to make too many decisions, I booked hotels, tour, flights, and anything they needed based on their personalities and everything they shared with me about their dream honeymoon.

Nicole and Steve returned last week. They loved every minute of their trip, and shared this with me:

“Our honeymoon was amazing, thank you so much for asking. I still can’t believe Steve and I were able to have the wedding and honeymoon that I dreamed about when I was a little girl. Italy was amazing! Every hotel, every tour guide, every driver acted like they knew us and made us feel welcomed and comfortable right away. I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to plan this on my own. Thank goodness we found you guys. I will send pictures once I go through the thousands!”


Would you like to see Nicole and Steve’s Italy Honeymoon Itinerary? Click below and comment “Please send Nicole’s Italy itinerary” in the comment box.

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